Here are some questions we've had, or anticipate we might get.

How do you feel about robot aliens?

A good argument can be made that any aliens we meet will have evolved beyond biology, or even beyond matter. It's all good if the story is plausible, entertaining and well-written.

How about humans from the future or alternate dimensions?

Yeah, that's cool, if the biological differences are at the heart of the story.

How about horror and erotica?

Love it! Scare us, excite us, gross us out. As long as it is well-written and fits with the theme of the magazine. But be aware, increasing the amount of blood does not improve horror, just as puerile smut is not the same as subtle, sensual erotica.

How about comedy?

We like being amused just as much as anyone. But it just doesn't fit with the focus of the magazine. By all means drop a funny idea or line of dialogue into your story, but an intelligent hard science fiction story about plausible aliens in the style of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett seems a bit oxymoronic. As with erotica, subtler is better when it comes to comedy.

Fan fiction?

No thanks.

Simultaneous submissions?

No thanks.

Multiple submissions?

No thanks.


Probably not, but you are welcome to query.

Do you accept submissions from unpublished authors?

Yes of course. Everybody has to start somewhere and it is very exciting to discover bold new talent. Stories should speak for themselves.

Do you accept poetry?

No not at this time. Perhaps in the future.

What is your response time?

Pretty slow to begin with. Sorry about that. Query if no response after one month.