Welcome to Primordial

Hi there. Glad you found your way to the very first post in this blog. I’d like to welcome you to the site.

What is Primordial? Well, first and foremost, it is a labour of love. I have wanted to make a magazine about plausible alien life for many many years. It is a huge passion of mine. Unfortunately I never found the time or confidence to start such a large project, until now.

On this blog, I will be occasionally posting thoughts about things I am interested in. Alien life, biology in general, science fiction, writing, futurology, science, movies, books, games, etc. I will also be letting you know about the status of the magazine, such as calls for submission, publication dates and stuff like that. Please consider signing up to our mailing list so as not to miss such important info.

I have no illusions that a magazine like this will make me rich. It won’t. My dream is to get it to a point where I am breaking even after paying contributors and admin costs, and have a bit left over to buy a new book and a beer. I also have a dream that it will evolve into a print magazine, but that is far in the future. Let’s see how it goes. My reason for making the magazine is to explore my passion, read great stories, hone my skills, and connect with like-minded people.

I will occasionally be publishing my own content, such as stories and articles. It seems a bit narcissistic and self-serving to start a magazine just to publish your own. But I have published several short stories about plausible aliens in other magazines and anthologies, so I don’t need to go to so much trouble. But this magazine will give me the perfect outlet for my own creative and intellectual juices. I hope my juices are palatable to you. Ugh, did I just write that!?

And I know that having such a narrow theme is going to severely limit my audience. I could have made a magazine with the general theme of “speculative fiction.” There are certainly many great magazines like that already. But I would much rather have a small, tight-knit, passionate, loyal audience of people who share my interest, than a large, casual, relatively disinterested one.

So come in, put your feet up, grab a beer and read my inane rantings about biology and science fiction.

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